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Please ensure that your property is prepared as it would be for any professional photography. This means:

For the Matterport 3D Showcase Tour:
Turn on all lamps and lights including oven hood, artwork and cabinet lights.
Replace any burned out bulbs.
Remove pet food bowls and toys, and conceal pets.
Open doors between rooms.
Remove children’s and pet’s toys from all rooms.
Clear off most countertops. Small appliances you use every day are OK.
Clear the refrigerator, and please remove personal items from the fridge.
Conceal the garbage.
All toilet seats should be closed. Shower/bath items like tooth brushes and hand soaps should be placed under the sink for the tour.
Bedding, pillows, comforters and bed skirts should be properly aligned.

For Photography and Drone Photography/Videography:
Remove all vehicles from the front of the house and the driveway. If possible park at least 2 houses away (for busy streets, please leave your car in front to ensure no one else parks there.
All yard hoses should be neatly coiled.
Make sure there are no trash cans visible on the outside of the home.
Turn on all waterscapes in yards including jacuzzis, ponds and waterfalls.
If a ‘for sale’ sign is present, please remove the sign (as per the real estate board rules).
Sweep driveway and decks.