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Matterport 3D Showcase

Go into your next listing presentation with a secret weapon: the Matterport 3D Showcase™. Offer the latest real estate marketing technology to win more clients and sell more homes.

Starting at only $225.


The Matterport 3D Showcase is an interactive 3D tour that allows users to navigate a property using a first person Google Street View style view, or gain full perspective on the layout using the dollhouse or floor plan views.

•  Multiple view modes including interactive “dollhouse” 3D Model
Engaging for out-of-town buyer
Awesome tool for winning listings
Hosted online, no downloads

Million Dollar Listing stars The Altman Brothers explain how Matterport is a Game Changer

Learn from top producing agents Josh & Matt Altman how they use the Matterport system to separate themselves from all of the other thousands of agents out there.

“It’s pretty simple, if you are going to meet with two different agents and they talk about the same thing, you have a very hard decision. But if you meet with those same two agents and one of them has this incredible technology that offers all of these advantages and the other one doesn’t, it’s a clear choice”

•  Separate yourself from the other agents meeting with your seller
•  Bring an iPad and watch your seller’s excitement when they try Matterport
•  Use Matterport as your closer and leave on a good note

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Every Matterport 3D Showcase Includes

First Person View Mode

Mobile Responsiveness

Matterport Dollhouse

Dollhouse View Mode

View Tracking & Analytics

Floor Plan View Mode

Matterport Cloud Hosting

Matterport 3D Showcase Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions: Matterport 3D

How will I view my Matterport 3D Showcase?

Matterport 3D Showcases can be viewed online using any web-browser. You will receive a clickable link as well as an embedded code that can be used to post the 3D tour on any website.

Can I use the 3D Showcase with the RMLS?

Yes, you can enter the 3D Showcase into the virtual tour link in the RMLS.

Can Matterport 3D Showcase's be viewed on mobile?

The Matterport 3D Showcase is viewable on desktop web-browsers (Safarai, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc), as well as Apple iPads, iPhones, and the latest Android software. With both web browser and mobile devices, please ensure you are using the latest version of the software for best results.

How are your 3D models different from regular panoramic photo tours?

The main difference between 3D models and regular panoramic tours is quality and ease of use. A 3D model is not based on difficult and disorienting 360 panoramic photos. The Matterport system creates a 3D model of an entire space and then provides an easy to use and immersive way to explore it digitally.

What is the process?

3D scanning is conducted on-site at the property. Scan data is then edited and processed before being delivered as an interactive 3D model.

How long does it take and what is the turnaround time?

Scanning takes approximately 1 hour per 1,000 square feet. The entire process from scan to viewable virtual tour typically takes less than 3 business days.

What is the cost?

Prices start at $225 and increase depending on square footage. Please review the Book Now / Pricing tab for specific pricing.

Can your virtual tour be posted in a Craigslist ad?

Craigslist does not allow direct hyperlinks. However, you can post to Craigslist using something like the following example:
View Matterport 3D Showcase at: https://my.matterport.com/webgl_player/#model=JXbUJCwdWks

Note* You cannot put the term “copy and paste” in an ad.

Can exteriors be captured?

The Matterport 3D scanning technology is only suited for indoor use and does not function well in bright direct sunlight.

Can you capture moving objects?

The hardware does not capture very small or moving objects, such as pets or people.